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Whether its a wedding, birthday party, baby shower, retirement party, exhibition, product launch or anything in between, don't worry we got you covered.  Our custom ice cream packages are guaranteed to bring a smile at your next event.

You may also choose to personalise your package, we can bring personalised ice cream pots, custom signage and bespoke ice cream wafers. Let us know how we can personalise your experience.

We can cater from anywhere between 50 people up to the 1000's. Each event is specifically tailored to suit the size of the party, check out our different packages below to see which one suits you best.

Check out our sample menu below to see what tasty flavours you could have at your party.

Full Package

  • Each guest served full sized serving (6 ice cream rolls)

  • Choice of 4 flavours from the menu

  • Length of service depends on number of guests

  • Suited for parties up to 150 guests

Canapé Package

  • Each guest served canapé sized serving (1 ice cream roll)

  • Unlimited canapés for the duration 

  • Choice of 4 flavours from the menu

  • Typically serve for around 2 hours


Due to the nature of the business and how each ice cream is hand crafted to order. This does mean time is a factor when pricing events. Typically, it takes around 3 minutes to create a full sized serving and with 2 rollers serving we can average around 50 guests per hour. 

However, with the canapé package, we can offer guests the same great ice cream experience but with a smaller portion size. Each ice cream is still hand crafted to order, but instead of serving one guest at a time, we provide unlimited canapés at a serving station and guests are welcome to take as many as they like for the duration of our service. 

When you are planning your event, take into consideration the amount of guests and length of time you would like us to serve for. For example, if you would like us to come serve ice cream rolls for 100 guests during the drinks reception at your wedding, generally a drinks reception will last for around 1-2 hours so a full sized serving may not be suitable due to the time required to serve 100 guests. But, this would suit perfectly for a canapé package, due to being able to serve multiple guests at a time. Alternatively, if it were 100 guests at the evening reception, then full sized servings would be the perfect option since we would then have more time to serve all guests. 

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