Our Story

Rolly’s Ice Cream is Scotland’s premier, hand rolled ice cream company. Established in 2017 and inspired from South-East Asia, this simple concept utilises an ice pan to crystallise ice cream 'rolls' right in front of your eyes. It brings a whole new level of enjoyment to ice cream.

What sets this apart from regular ice cream is you are not limited to what you can see through the glass at your local ice cream parlour, with Rolly’s you can choose to add your favourite fruit, chocolate bar or sweet and watch it turn into ice cream before your very eyes.

It all starts with a basic ice cream custard, which is prepared beforehand, this is poured onto the ice pan which is cooled to -20°C and then your flavouring of choice is added. Using scrapers, the mixture is chopped and combined until it starts to crystallise and form ice cream. It is then spread evenly across the ice pan then using the scraper, it is rolled into ice cream rolls, hence “Rolly’s”.

This is truly a unique and exciting way of preparing ice cream, the mixing process combined with the carefully crafted custard recipe makes for an impossibly creamy and delicate ice cream which melts in the mouth and marries perfectly with the filling, topping and sauce of your choice.